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    Twin Cities Thrive

    Twin Cities THRIVE is bringing together our local wellness professionals providing a platform for conversation, education, and authentic collaboration.   THRIVE offers educational events, networking events, physical office and workshop space for our local wellness professionals and enthusiasts.   Twin Cities THRIVE is organized with personal and professional benefits in Read more [...]

  • Twin Cities Collective

    Join us:   Our Mission The Twin Cities Collective for Bloggers & Creatives is a community for creators living in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area. We aim to create, inspire, support, connect &bring together like-minded bloggers & creatives in the Twin Cities!   In 2018, we are shifting our focus Read more [...]

  • Young Dreamers Networking Night

    Join here:   Our goal for Young Dreamers Networking Nights is for you to open up your mind, allow greatness to come, accept help from others willing to collaborate & share their stories, promote yourself, your gift & surround yourself with like minded individuals!   🤔 Think about life in Read more [...]

  • Think Creative Collective

    Join Here:   ABOUT THINK CREATIVE + YOUR HOSTS   This community is hosted by us, Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams. We are here to support, motivate and encourage you all. We will be sharing updates, fun announcements and occasionally sharing our services. By being a part of this group Read more [...]