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When I initially launched my business 6 months ago, I was going from a corporate job to being an entrepreneur/business owner. I was SO lucky to meet Jennifer right at the beginning of my transition because she was able to truly understand my challenges and help me work through so many aspects of building my business. I thank Jennifer for helping me build my confidence when networking and putting myself in new situations. Jennifer has a talent for asking some of the simplest yet most thought provoking and game changing questions that have really helped shape and build the core of my business. Julissa Betting-Fuentes

Realtor / Small Business Owner

Absolutely work with Jennifer!


Jennifer Kroiss is the go to person you want to learn networking from- when I first met her in a mastermind I was immediately learning from her on how to develop genuine connections and had so many gems from this amazing lady. She is so experienced from her decades of corporate work and always makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room when you’re talking to her. Absolutely work with Jennifer when you get the chance! Li Lin

Founder of The Successful Immigrant and the #1 coach for successful immigrants in the USA

Jennifer is my go-to networking expert!


She gives practical and easy to implement networking tips that help an introvert like myself feel confident.  Using her advice, I learned how to connect with a speaker prior to an event which led to me adding that person to my professional network and confidently interacting with them at the event.  Now when I go to networking events I know how to interact with others, what to say, and how to followup.  Jennifer’s tips work! Treva Marshall

Technical Marketing Specialist at Marshall Web Studio

Powerful networking tools and resources for entrepreneurs


Networking and Connecting has given me the tools to feel confident in building business relationships and growing my network. This group draws a high level community of inspiring and talented individuals. Erika Cianciaruso

Fitness Professional & Social Media Consultant

Jennifer literally changed the trajectory of my business in the first 10 minutes I spoke with her


Jennifer is a natural connectorit is a part of who she is. She can see how the pieces of the big picture come together with such clarity and helps you to quickly focus your energy on the right relationships and tasks that will help propel your business forward.  As a result of working with Jennifer to find clarity on the short term goals I needed to achieve to take my business to the next level. She helped me to confidently take action that created immediate monetary return and build relationships that shifted the course of my business literally overnight.  Jennifer loves helping businesses grow. She is a gift, and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her. Belen Fleming

Belu Photography / Photographer + Visual Brand Strategist

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